Founded in 1987, the Exposition of New Music is a festival of contemporary experimental works, which sees the “exposition” of its title not solely as a presentation, but also as interaction, participation and lively communication with people and the public space.

Since 2012, when the Filharmonie Brno became the festival’s organiser, our programming has followed various threads, based on the spatial arrangements of the city of Brno, and responding to a need to reflect the rich gamut of trends present in contemporary musical productions. Thus, the Exposition has focused on sound installations, noise music and musical interventions into the public space, as well as traditional concert performances. Since 2020, the festival has a new programmer, who proposes an entirely new – his own – perspective on contemporary music.

We would also like to present projects that go beyond music itself or link music with other media new or old, be that in the form of installations, screenings, exhibitions, in situ performances or other.


The focus of the dramaturgical concept for 2022 is the human voice in its various forms and encounters in an acoustic, electroacoustic or multimedia context. It presents the human voice as the carrier of a verbal artistic message (in combination with the poetic text); as a compelling sound medium, whether in its physical (acoustic) form or transformed by new technologies into completely different situations, where it is alienated from itself; solo or in ensemble; and as a carrier of musical-dramatic action. This is where this year’s projects are aimed; in many cases, they go beyond musical art or link music with other new and old media including installations, screenings and in situ performances. We believe that the eight evenings and two sound installations we have prepared for the Brno (and hopefully international) audience this year will provide a satisfyingly rich, varied and artistically valuable collection of both brand new and well established artistic acts, showing that the human voice, this age-old, indeed the oldest, musical instrument, will always be a fascinating inspiration and creative challenge across the entire spectrum of artistic endeavour.
Daniel Matej, Exposition of New Music programmer

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