Programmed by Viktor Pantůček, the Exposition of New Music offers first of all new possibilities of musical expression, new options for personal, even extreme, performance. The festival was founded in 1987 and since 2012 it has been organised by the Filharmonie Brno at a movable date.

Brno is a small city by area and a small town in its outlook. But it was built on big gestures that created its image and its genius loci, and these continue to be vital aspects of the place today. The demolition of the defensive walls in the 19th century allowed the city to grow and become a European metropolis, but over time we built new walls – mental, local and social. Let us try to demolish these barriers again in the 21st century. May Brno be small only in area and not in outlook: let us not be afraid of making big gestures.

As the Greater Brno was created in 1919, let us attempt to create at this year’s Exposition of New Music a Big Brno with all its possible connotations. This is no act of local patriotism; it is, rather, a challenge to reflect upon the contemporary musical and sound space. In 2020, the festival will have a new programmer, so the year 2019 is a finale of sorts, closing a cycle that started in 2013. After bringing sound to gardens, listening to spaces and concert halls, noise compositions inspired by the vinegar syndrome, countless concerts, premieres and first Czech performances, installations, events and site-specific projects, we come back to focus on the place itself, the city of Brno that has hosted the festival since the late 1980s.

Viktor Pantůček, programmer of the festival

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