Programmed by Viktor Pantůček, the Exposition of New Music offers first of all new possibilities of musical expression, new options for personal, even extreme, performance. The festival was founded in 1987 and since 2012 it has been organised by the Brno Philharmonic at a movable date.

For several years now, the Exposition of New Music (established 1987) has sought not just to present music, but to enter into interaction, participation and live communication with the public and public spaces. Since 2013, the programming has focussed on various topics connected with the spatial arrangements of the city of Brno; yet it has also sought to reflect the broad spectrum of tendencies that appear in contemporary music production. In the past, the festival has been dedicated to sound installation, noise music, musical interventions into the public space, as well as traditional concert performances. In 2017, the festival ended this five-year period with a revolutionary celebration of its 30th anniversary. It enters into 2018 with a somewhat different conception of programming, which seeks to uncover a new, current, or possible form for a contemporary music festival, one that will both draw on the tradition of our Exposition and open itself more to contemporary post-digital society. The 31st year, then, will be a recapitulation to some extent: we want to finish what we started, but also to begin a new era of the festival. From 15 to 17 June, there will be a concert by Charlemagne Palestine, an exhibition of Christina Kubisch’s Electrical Walks and a city game dedicated to the Brno legacy of Milan Adamčiak. In the autumn part of the festival, from 10 to 13 October, there will be performances by Plural Ensemble, Ulrich Kruger, Lore Lixemberg and others, who will play a rich array of works ranging from Giacinto Scelsi’s Canti del Capricorni to Milan Adamčiak’s Requiem.

Viktor Pantůček, programmer of the festival

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