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Magdalenka, Kantilénka and Kantiléna
17:00 Besední důmPODLE ŽÁNRU A STYLU:Akce pro dětiAbonentní řady:Koncerty Kantilény (KK)


Ne05DUB20:00CANCELED / VOICE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT / Easter Festival of Sacred MusicTomasi: Fanfares liturgiques for soprano, choir and brass
Dupré: De profundis, Op. 17 for soprano, tenor and bass solo, choir and orchestra
20:00 OstatníFestivaly:Velikonoční festival duchovní hudby

Po06DUB19:30CANCELED / LOVE SUPPORTS / Easter Festival of Sacred MusicReubke: Prelude and Fugue
Rheinberger: Sonata No. 1 in C minor, Op. 27 for organ
Reger: Choral Fantasia on “Straf´ mich nicht in deinem Zorn”, Op. 40 No. 2
19:30 OstatníFestivaly:Velikonoční festival duchovní hudby

St08DUB21:00CANCELED / IN DARKNESS AND THE SHADOW OF DEATH / TENEBRAE / Easter Festival of Sacred MusicGesualdo da Venosa: Responsories for Maundy Thursday21:00 OstatníFestivaly:Velikonoční festival duchovní hudby

Čt09DUB21:00CANCELED / IN DARKNESS AND THE SHADOW OF DEATH / TENEBRAE / Easter Festival of Sacred MusicGesualdo da Venosa: Responsories for Good Friday21:00 OstatníFestivaly:Velikonoční festival duchovní hudby

10DUB21:00CANCELED / IN DARKNESS AND THE SHADOW OF DEATH / TENEBRAE / Easter Festival of Sacred MusicGesualdo da Venosa: Responsories for Holy Saturday21:00 OstatníFestivaly:Velikonoční festival duchovní hudby

Út14DUB19:00CANCELED / CONTEMPLATION/ Easter Festival of Sacred MusicSveinsson: Meditation for Clarinet19:00 OstatníFestivaly:Velikonoční festival duchovní hudby

Čt16DUB20:00CANCELED / MUSIC OF THE HEAVENS / Easter Festival of Sacred MusicSmolka: Niedzielne rano
Renaissance polyphony for the Easter period (William Byrd, Thomas Tallis)  
20:00 OstatníFestivaly:Velikonoční festival duchovní hudby


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64th season 2019 | 20

Original projects with music that has stood the test of time. Special celebrations for Beethoven’s 250th birthday. Novel combinations of earlier and newer works. Two world premieres and three works new to Czech audiences. Laurie Anderson, a recent Grammy winner. The discovery of the season: Antonín’s Rejcha oratorio Lenore. Cooperation with the festival Ars Electronica…


Canceling concerts

As part of the government regulation on the risk of coronavirus spread, we cancel all scheduled concerts until further notice. Measure with all concerts without exception. Considering emergency from Monday…

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Dennis Russell

The Chief Conductor and Artistic Director
of Filharmonie Brno

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I am both proud and excited to present to our faithful audience in Brno, and to our audiences abroad, the 2019-2020 season of the Filharmonie Brno. Our city occupies a unique position geographically and economically between Prague and Vienna, and our program clearly supports the strong position that Brno’s cultural life has assumed in this international region. We will play an significant and unique role in the international celebration of Beethoven‘s (b.1770) life and music this season and next, by presenting in two compact weeks his complete piano concertos with Elisabeth Leonskaja, the complete Sonatas and Variations (Filharmonie Brno cellists, and myself as pianist) on one Sunday in February, , the Ninth Symphony to open the year 2020, and as a special Czech rarity, three performances in Besedni dum of Antonin Reicha‘s stage tableau „Lenore“, which so greatly impressed Beethoven.

The music of Brahms and Dvorak continue to play a significant role in our programming, and I am personally very pleased as „Chef“ to have the opportunity to appear for the first time with „my“ orchestra on the stage of the Janacek Theater. I am especially delighted to bring for the first time to the Filharmonie Brno and our public several close friends and collaborators including performer and composer Laurie Anderson, the cellist Matt Haimowitz, composer Joe Hisaishi (Japan), and the respected conductor Michael Schönwandt. My former student Christian Reif is having a good international success as a young conductor, and I am very pleased that Robert Kruzik continues his fine work with us as our Resident Conductor. That Elisabeth Leonskaja will work with the orchestra and me for three weeks, and that Michal Nejtek writes a new work for us, are both personal highlights, and for the first time we will present a visual collaboration with the Ars Electronica and it’s Director Gerfried Stöcker, with music of Martinu.

I am looking forward to a great Season 2019-2020 in Brno.

Dennis Russell Davies

We are together for the 63rd season…

…and we are still growing. We prepare concerts, festivals, extraordinary performances and children’s events for you. Come here, we’ll tune you.