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november, 2018

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PETR FIALA Gratia Musa tibi ,
19:30 Besední důmGenre and style:Vocal and vocal-instrumental

thu22nov19:304:00VIVA(T)LDI / CEBANTONIO VIVALDI Flute concerto in F Major RV 433 „La Tempesta di Mare“
Flute concerto in C Major RV 444 ad.
Michaela Koudelková flutes,
Elen Machova violin
19:30 - 4:00 OstatníGenre and style:Instrumental concerts,Baroque

sun25nov18:00AUTUMN CONCERT / KKMagdalenka,
18:00 Besední důmGenre and style:Vocal and vocal-instrumental,Children and familiesSubscription:Kantiléna children choir (KK)


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Dennis Russell

The Chief Conductor and Artistic Director
of Filharmonie Brno

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I am both proud and excited to introduce the concert programs for my first season as Chief conductor and Artistic Director of the Filharmonie Brno; proud to have become part of the great musical tradition of Brno and its Filharmonie, and excited to bring composers long associated with our orchestra together with those with whom I have worked for more than fifty years, many of whom have become close friends.
It is thrilling for me to prepare a new composition for performance through the rehearsals with the musicians and the dialogue with composer colleagues who have poured their hearts and intellect into a new musical creation. This very dialogue taught me to have the same intense exchanges with composers of long ago, learning from conversations with Adams, Berio, Boulez, Corigliano, Glass, Harrison, Larcher, or Pärt what it is I need to seek and find in the scores by Beethoven, Brahms, Bruckner, Dvorak, Janacek, Martinu, Mozart, or Schubert. Composers have struggled for centuries to find through notation a way to show clearly their musical intentions, but it is finally up to us to open our hearts and intellect to that which our composers, past and present, hoped to communicate.

This season the Filharmonie Brno and I will be in dialogue with composers from North America and Western Europe, who will be performed in the context of our Central European traditions and our own music. This will be a great adventure and I hope you will join us in experiencing it.

Dennis Russell Davies

We are together for the 63rd season…

…and we are still growing. We prepare concerts, festivals, extraordinary performances and children’s events for you. Come here, we’ll tune you.