Is what to wear, when to clap and when to come on your mind? Or what to do if you arrive late, or if there’s anywhere you can keep your bag? You’re not alone!

Is there any dress code?

In contrast to those on the stage, there is no dress code for the audience. It would be appropriate to be dressed in a more formal style. If you are confused, then look at the video with Ladislav Špaček, who will advise you.

Can I take children with me?

Children are welcome, of course. However, when choosing a concert you need to consider their age. If you’re not sure whether they would manage a classical music concert which can last up to two hours, take a look at our Family Concerts subscription, which has been created with a fun perspective for our youngest listeners. Or there are further options in our Events for Children section.

Where can I park?

In the Domini park multi-storey car park which is around 5 minutes by foot from Besední dům. There are also two car parks 10 minutes away by foot – the car park at Janáček Theatre and at the corner of Koliště and Kounicova streets. For concerts at the Stadion hall, you will have to rely on the parking spaces available in surrounding streets and car parks, but beware – they are usually quite full.


At what time does Besední dům open?

Besední dům and the Stadion hall open ¾ of an hour prior to the start of the concert.

Can I wait in Besední dům to see if a ticket becomes free when a concert is sold out?

Certainly. If a concert is sold out, we offer Standing + tickets. These cost 200 CZK, and if a free seat becomes available in the hall shortly before the concert begins, an attendant will show you to the seat. We will also be happy to offer tickets which may become free at the last moment.

What happens if I lose my ticket?

If you’ve purchased it online, we’ll find it and print it out again for you. Unfortunately, this doesn’t apply if you’ve purchased the ticket from the advance sales ticket office: the system is unable to find your ticket, and so it is forfeited. Our attendants will do their best to accommodate you, however, and can also offer to sell you a Standing + ticket.

Can I return or exchange my ticket?

You cannot cancel your ticket and receive its monetary value back. You can return a ticket (by 6 days prior to the concert at the latest) in exchange for another ticket of the same or higher value. Subscriptions cannot be returned once the subscription period has begun. A subscription ticket is transferrable, however. If you cannot visit any of the concerts, you can give or lend the ticket to someone else. You can thus make someone happy and ensure your seat will not remain empty.

Do you sell programmes?

Yes. Before the concert for 20 CZK.

Is there anywhere I can keep my bag safety stored away?

We will be happy to keep it in our cloakroom.

Can I get into the hall if I’m late?

If you miss the start of the concert, come anyway. An attendant will let you into the hall at a suitable moment, usually after the first piece has ended during the applause. If you’re very late, don’t despair. Most concerts have twenty-minute intervals and you can come for the second half of the evening.

Can I bring refreshments into the hall?

Most concerts have a twenty-minute interval. You can enjoy refreshments during this time at both Besední dům and at the Stadion. There is a bar with drinks and small bites. Refreshments should not be taken into the hall, however: only the cultural experience should be enjoyed.

Can I take videos and photos at the concert?

It is strictly forbidden to take photographs or make video recordings during the concert. The Filharmonie photographer is present at all concerts: if you are interested in photos, contact us.

How long is the interval?

The interval generally lasts for 20 minutes.

When should I applaud?

At classical music concerts, you do not clap after individual passages of a composition, but at its end. If you’re not sure, it’s best to wait until the rest of the audience begin applauding.

Can I get an autograph from the soloist or the conductor?

If you want to get an artist’s autograph, please contact one of our attendants prior to the concert or during the interval: they will advise you.