“When Sony BMG and Classic FM teamed up to produce the debut recording for the stunning new tenor, Alfie Boe, we shared an outstanding experience with the orchestra and management of the Filharmonie Brno Orchestra. Working in such a beautiful space, with such wonderful acoustics and a great orchestra was a truly memorable and very satisfying experience…” Chris Craker (General Manager and Senior Vice President, Sony BMG Music Entertainment)

Filharmonie Brno Orchestra is one of the most respected orchestras at the heart of Europe.

With a discography of more than 70 commercial CDs as well as numerous Film and Television scores, Filharmonie Brno Orchestra is an experienced recording ensemble of the highest standard.

The orchestra owns state-of-the-art recording studios and equipment, it works with experienced production and post-production teams and is able to manage recording projects from start to finished master.

The cost of hiring Filharmonie Brno Orchestra for a Film or TV project is extremely competitive and you can expect to pay a fraction of the cost of US or UK orchestras.

Situated a short distance from Vienna and Prague, Filharmonie Brno Orchestra is ideally located and situated to your recording project.

We look forward to working with you.


“A hidden gem of an orchestra with superb strings at its heart.” Simon Rhodes (Producer, Abbey Road Studios)

Recording studio – equipment

Filharmonie Brno has cooperated with Firstcreative Ltd. The recording studio has high-quality technical equipment, including high-quality staffing of music and sound direction.

Recording studio – equipment


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