„We love your orchestra, your concerts, we’d like to get closer and be involved in a practical way somehow…”

This feedback from the regular audience plus the inspiring example of orchestras in the USA have given rise to a new association called Volunteers for Filharmonie Brno. March 2019 was the start of the cooperation between the Filharmonie Brno Orchestra and a group of its supporters who have been offering a hand in helping with proofreading, translations, taking care of visiting artists, leading tours of the Besední dům concert house, correcting music scores, cleaning up and maintaining the courtyard of Besední dům, distributing the promotional materials of the Filharmonie Brno Orchestra – to name just a few of the activities they have been carrying out.

As well as the feel-good factor, the reward we get from our help is the fact that we are right there in the centre of things: we can get to know the members of the Orchestra better, meet the chief conductor, foreign soloists, have a peek in the backstage areas and space in the concert house which is not commonly accessible to the public, learn more about the operations of the institution and visit the non-public rehearsals of the orchestra.

The volunteers have elected a president who coordinated the activities. As the title of the group suggests, the cooperation is always voluntary, and friendly although – to a certain extent – binding. The volunteers are a self-governing organization which in independent of Filharmonie Brno Orchestra.

Would you like to join us? If you enjoy concerts of Filharmonie Brno, love music, feel like helping and getting to know the Orchestra better, contact us at dobrovolnici@filharmonie-brno.cz.