The Moravian Autumn festival ranks among the most important cultural events in the Czech Republic. It was established as the Brno International Music Festival in 1966 when, following years of strict isolation imposed by hard-line communism, the activities of Brno artistic institutions were once again acquiring an international dimension, and the responses to its first year were very positive.

The festival invites orchestras to Brno that were previously passing Europe by, alongside top chamber ensembles and the world’s most celebrated soloists. It is not only a festival of “interpretation” which seeks to bring to Brno the cream of the world’s performers and to compare them with first-class home musicians, but also a festival of “programming”, one that is not only about “stars” (and certainly not about “competition” between them), but also about “substance”.
Moravian Autumn takes pride in seeking new and interesting threads of programming, approaching living composers and giving them commissions. The festival also draws attention to young performers, giving them an opportunity to display their developing talents.

The theme of this 52nd year of the festival is ANGELOI – THE MESSENGERS or A parallel history of music. According to the philosopher Yakov Druskin, a messenger, or angelos in Greek, is a being who lives in a parallel world and whose life passes in stasis. This is no dull, empty or boring life, because dullness, emptiness and boredom are a result of time, which does not exist in the parallel world. Messengers are not burdened by time and experience eternity. (Vítězslav Mikeš – festival programmer)


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