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Press releases

Temporary stop of ticket sale to the Janáček Theatre

Dear listeners, sadly we inform you  we are forced to temporary stop of the sale of tickets for our concerts at the Janáček Theatre due to the limit of the capacity of events in internal venues to 500 people. As soon as (if) possible, we will release the tickets for sale again. We believe that…

Canceling concerts

As part of the government regulation on the risk of coronavirus spread, we cancel all scheduled concerts until further notice. Measure with all concerts without exception. Considering emergency from Monday 16th March closing Ticket office of Filharmonie Brno. More on refund tickets: We will refund the tickets for individually purchased Filharmonie Brno Concert Tickets. Compensation…

Thank you! Thousands of listeners watched the stream concert

Due to the enormous  interest of listeners and many requests from many of them to repeat the concert, Filharmonie Brno decided to bring the concert once again, today, at the same time as yesterday, at 7pm,  through the same channels: on the Facebook profile and on this line, which is different from yesterday: You could…