Besední dům
The 5th subscription series is part of the Brno Philharmonic’s 2018/2019 season

We are delighted to open the fifth Jazz & World Music season at Besední dům, where we will find an opportunity to take stock. Of all the concerts offered by the Brno Philharmonic, this subscription series is unique in one respect. The paper score is often only the point of departure for what we hear – or there may not even be sheets of music at all. Jazz and world music are uninhibited genres. The colours and the moods of the evening will be determined by the performers’ frame of mind. This could even be affected by the audience at Besední dům, so you could become part of the inspiration for the jazz musicians and other performers from all corners of the world, who will share their authentic art with us Central Europeans, bringing into the gilded hall some of that genuine musical rawness that we can never find in a score.

In the same breath it must be added that there is only one music, and that an attentive listener may experience unforgettable moments irrespective of whether the melody is or is not exactly recorded in notation. What is certain is that, in the 2018/2019 season, the Jazz & World Music series will serve emotions in copious quantities, to those among you who like to read old Persian fables before going to bed, or are Star Wars fans; whether you are romantics who like to stroll in Paris, or admire fiery Spanish temperament; and also to those who are interested to see how pale northerners can make music together with the suntanned musicians of the south.

Vilém Spilka, programmer of Jazz & World Music series


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