Birdsong takes the leading role

Respighi / Rautavaara / Mendelssohn Bartholdy

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Čt02PRO19:00BETWEEN WORLDS / JWMKUMMER Concerto for string quartet and orchestra
SLAVÍK Melodies and Rhythms for Orchestra, world premiere
19:00 Besední důmPODLE ŽÁNRU A STYLU:Koncerty šéfdirigentaAbonentní řady:Jazz & World Music (JWM)

So04PRO19:00CANCELED / FILHARMONIE’S WIND SOLOISTS AND DENNIS RUSSELL DAVIES II / KBDBEETHOVEN Quintet in E-flat major for piano, oboe, clarinet, French horn and bassoon
HAAS Wind Quintet
MARTINŮ Sextet for wind instruments and piano
19:00 Besední důmPODLE ŽÁNRU A STYLU:Koncerty šéfdirigentaAbonentní řady:Komorně v Besedním domě (KBD)


Čt09PRO19:00THE BIRDS / FBDRESPIGHI Gli uccelli (The Birds)
RAUTAVAARA Cantus Arcticus, concerto for birds and orchestra
MENDELSSOHN BARTHOLDY Symphony No. 4 in A major "Italian”
19:00 Besední důmAbonentní řady:Filharmonie doma (FBD)

10PRO19:00THE BIRDS / FBDRESPIGHI Gli uccelli (The Birds)
RAUTAVAARA Cantus Arcticus, concerto for birds and orchestra
MENDELSSOHN BARTHOLDY Symphony No. 4 in A major "Italian”
19:00 Besední důmAbonentní řady:Filharmonie doma (FBD)

Čt16PRO19:00ADVENT CONCERT / MKSAINT-SAËNS Oratorio de Noël, Christmas oratorio
RYBA Missa pastoralis bohemica
19:00 Besední důmAbonentní řady:Mimořádné koncerty (MK)

So18PRO10:3012:00OPENING THE SECOND / RAThis is an entertainment
that involves its young audience,
not just in the music but as partners
in everything that’s going on.
10:30 - 12:00 Besední důmAbonentní řady:Rodinné abonmá (RA)

Ne19PRO10:3012:30CHRISTMAS MATINEE / KKKantiléna is a select children and young people’s choir at Filharmonie Brno.10:30 - 12:30 Besední důmAbonentní řady:Koncerty Kantilény (KK)


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66th season 2020 | 21

As is tradition, a range of music proven over the centuries has been prepared alongside contemporary works. The orchestra will be returning to celebrations of the anniversary of Beethoven’s birth, for example, honouring him through composers inspired by Beethoven: Liszt, Hindemith, Franck. Some of the classical composers we will be performing include Schumann, Brahms, Berlioz, Mahler and Mozart. The season will begin with a classic of national classical music: Smetana’s Má vlast. More recent works will be represented by Sumera, Vasks, Jan Novák, Kančeli and Bernstein amongst others.


Dennis Russell

The Chief Conductor and Artistic Director
of Filharmonie Brno

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To the friends and supporters of the Filharmonie Brno!

Before beginning my greeting to all of you on behalf of your wonderful orchestra, I have read again the words I wrote on this occasion just one year ago. Since then, our society, indeed the entire world, has experienced a tremendous shock affecting us in profound ways that are yet to be fully understood. For many, the pandemic has brought personal tragedy and sacrifice, and all of us are seeking to find out how we will be able to pick up the threads of our existences and continue forward as we gradually emerge from this dark period.

We as an orchestra with a tremendous organization behind us are dedicated to two important, even vital, responsibilities: Firstly, the preservation and expansion of our great classical music tradition, and secondly, to make the live performances of this music available to the widest possible audiences. These ideals have motivated and guided us during the past year as we have navigated through hard choices involving how to maintain the integrity of our work while keeping our audience, musicians, and staff as safe as possible.

We have had to, sadly, cancel or postpone many wonderful projects, and have worked very hard to responsibly keep as many initiatives as possible in our future programs. I am proud of our musicians for their disciplined and responsible approach to their work, grateful to Marie Kučerová and her wonderful team for their tireless efforts on behalf of our symphonic tradition, and excited with the hope that we can soon experience again performing for our wonderful Brno audience, and hopefully our newly-found audience abroad.

Dennis Russell Davies

We are together for the 65th season…

…and we are still growing. We prepare concerts, festivals, extraordinary performances and children’s events for you. Come here, we’ll tune you.