ŘÍJEN, 2022

fri28oct19:00MANY MANY WOMEN PLUS (Brno 2022 Version) / EXPOSITION OF NEW MUSICPETR KOTÍK Many Many Women, There is Singularly Nothing, Drums 19:00 Besední důmGenre and style:HomepageFestivals:Exposition of New Music


(Friday) 19:00

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PETR KOTÍK Many Many Women, There is Singularly Nothing, Drums


Irena Troupová soprano

Harald Hieronymus Hein baritone

Petr Kotík flute

Daniel Havel flute

a group of percussionists under the supervision of Martin Opršál


A unique combination of compositions from the 70s created especially for the Brno performance, with the central connection of the Many Many Women parts. The compositions from this period of Kotík’s creativity are written in such a way that it is possible to combine them in a quasi-collage manner. Kotík’s concept of composition can be described as a “situation with transformations”. His music does not have the dramatic character of the narrative form (which is embedded in the music in the sonata form), instead of narratively dramatic procedures it is a situation and its variations (transformations) without a precise beginning or end. “The continuity of the text makes it seem as if each line is about something different. There is nothing else, no changes. It’s about going deeper and deeper into one thought.”


Besední dům

Komenského náměstí 534/8, Brno


Filharmonie Brno