thu17jan19:00“I AM A FAIRY TALE…” / FS19:00 Kulturní centrum Babylon, Sál StadionSubscription:Filharmonie at the Theatre I (FJD I)


(Thursday) 19:00


Kulturní centrum Babylon, Sál Stadion

Kounicova 20

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Ruslan and Lyudmila, overture


Fairy Tale, Op. 16, suite for large orchestra on motifs from the music to Zeyer’s dramatic fairy tale Radúz and Mahulena


Sheherazade, symphonic suite, Op. 35


Brno Philharmonic

conductor Robert Kružík


  • Three popular romantic works inspired by fairy tales • Glinka’s impressive overture to his opera Ruslan and Lyudmila (1842), based on Pushkin’s poem of the same title depicting fabulous acts of Russian heroes during the rule of Prince Vladimir I of Kiev • Suk’s 1899 suite based on motifs from his music to Zeyer’s dramatic fairy tale Radúz and Mahulena • Rimsky-Korsakov’s 1888 suite in four movements, inspired by the mysterious world and exotic colour of the fairy tales in the Arabic collection One Thousand and One Nights (about the seafarer Sinbad and his ship; the Kalandar prince; the love of the prince and the princess; and finally a festival in Baghdad, the sea and the shipwreck at Magnet Mountain)


Filharmonie Brno

Kulturní centrum Babylon, Sál StadionKounicova 20